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YW Non Clogging Underwater Sewage Pump
Outlet:   ɸ25-ɸ500 mm
Flow:   8-2600 m3/h
Head:   7-60 m
Speed:  740-2950 r/min
Power:  0.75-250KW

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Product Features

· The impeller adopts particular large channel structure, so the drain capacity has been improved greatly.

It can effectively pass the solid grain whose diameter is about 50%of the pump caliber.

· Mechanical seal adopts the latest material and is made with extra care, so its life is over 8000 hours.

· Can be used in the full lift range, and the motor is not overloaded.

· To realize automation management we will equip various forms sewage special control cabinet according to the customer's requirements.

The automatic control cabinet can automatically control the operation and stop of the pump according to the required liquid change, which is

extremely convenient to use.

· The pump has a vertical structure, and the pump body is immersed in the medium during operation, so that it is easy to start, and there

 is no problem such as pumping and emptying. At the same time, it has the characteristics of no leakage. The depth of the liquid can

reach 0.5-9 m depending on the pump model.


 Product Overview

GW series pipeline sewage pump is based on the actual requirements of the user and the installation and use conditions,

and combined with the company's many years of practical experience, based on the WQ sewage pump to make a reasonable optimization design.

This series of products has convenient installation and reasonable structure.

At the same time, it also avoids the disadvantages of burning the motor due to leakage of mechanical seal.

Working Conditions

· Medium temperature: <60 ℃, Medium weight:1-1.3kg/dm3 , HP 4-9.

· 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel material can use general corrosive medium.

· Surrounding ambient temperature should not exceed 40 ºC. Altitude should not exceed 1000m.

· Transferring medium temperature should not exceed 40 ºC. Please inform us when placing an order if the transferring medium

temperature exceeds 40 ºC. The motor power should be increased in order to adapt to the high altitude area if the altitude exceeds 1000m.


Product Application

· Sewage discharge of residential community         Sewage system of municipal projects

· Sewage system of municipal projects          Sewage system of factories and mine enterprises

         Sewage discharge of public facilities           Other sewage system

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