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LG Multistage Centrifugal Pump for High-rise Building
Inlet:   ɸ25-ɸ100 mm
Flow:   2.4-90 m3/h
Head:   15-190 m
Speed:  2900 r/min
Power:  0.75-55 KW

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Product Features

·  The pump is characterized by its compact structure, small volume and attractive appearance whose

structure decide space-effective installation.When provided with an additional hood, it's available for outdoor use.

· Its shaft gland adopts a high-quality hard alloy mechanical seal thus enhancing the seal's abrasion

resistance and extending the pump's service life effectively.

· This fire pump series adopts a removable structure, thus being user-friendly in replacing wearing parts

like mechanical seal, and also in installation and overhaul without disassembling the pipeline system.

Its inlet and outlet adopt the same diameter thus simplifying the pipeline connection.

· It can adopt either serial or parallel operation modes as required by its flow and lift head.

The inlet and the outlet can be installed either in the same direction or at angles of 90°C, 180°C and

270°C to satisfy different connection occasions as required.

· Its pump head lift are decided by increasing of decreasing its stage level and the outer diameter of

impeller diameter without changing the floor space of Installation, which is unique among pumps.


Product Overview

LG Multistage Centrifugal pump is a pump coupled to a motor. The pump's shaft is coupled to the motor's,

absolute coaxial connection between pump and motor ensure the pump's stable operation low noise and so on.

The motor adopts is a Y-type 3-phase asynchronous type, which is easy for replacement,

and the whole adopts the rigid coupling without calibration for use. Its shaft gland adopts a mechanical seal and

it adopts a removable structure, thus being easy for replacing the mechanical seal.The pump's direction of

rotation is clockwise when it's overseen from the motor end.


Working Conditions

· The medium should be similar to water, kinematic viscosity<150mm2/s,no hard particles,

no corrosive.

· Environmental altitude used by the pump < 1000m

· Max pressure of system: 2.5MPa

· Medium temperature:   -15~+120°C

· Environment temperature: ≤ 40°C, Relative humidity(rh): < 95%

Product Application

1. Domestic water supply for (high) buildings.

2. Fire water supply for (high) buildings.

3. Water supply equipments.

4. Water supply for boilers.

5. Water circulation and boosting for industry.

6. Other clean fluid transportation.

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