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CQF Type Magnetic Driven Centrifugal Pump
Material:           Reinforced polypropylene
Flow:                  0.9-25 m3 /h
Head:                  3-35 m
Power:                 0.01-7.5 KW
Working temperature:   ≤ 60℃

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Product Description


Material:           Reinforced polypropylene

Flow:                  0.9-25 m3 /h

Head:                  3-35 m

Power:                 0.01-7.5 KW

Working temperature:   ≤ 60


Product Features


CQF series pumps are injection molded from reinforced polypropylene to increase the corrosion resistance rating and range of use. The product price is very competitive and it is the earliest and most widely used magnetic pump.

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