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XBD-ISW Horizontal Single-stage Single-suction Fire pump
Inlet:           ɸ25-ɸ300 mm
Flow:           1-300 L /S
Pressure Range:   0.1-1.50 MPa
Speed:          970-2900 r/min
Power:          0.75-160KW

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Product Features

· 1. Compact structure: less volume, less install space.

· 2. Easy to change the wearing parts (mechanical seal).

· 3. Easy to install and maintain.

· 4. Less noise, less vibration, smooth performance.

· 5. High quality wearing parts.

· 6. Easy to match to other motors.

· 7. High quality mechanical seal, no leakage, long operation life.

· 8. Equipped with hot-water mechanical seal, which can deliver hot water.


 Product Overview

XBD-ISG pump is a new fire control electric motor driven product developed by our company in accordance

with the actual market demand of fire pump and its special working requirements and in strict conformity

with GB6245-2006Performance Requirements and Test Methods for Fire Pumps released by the state lately.

All of its performance indexes have reached or exceeded the standard requirements through the test of China

National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision Center


Product Application

XBD-ISW Horizontal Single-stage Single-suction Fire pump is used to transport clean

water and other liquids, physical properties are similar to clean water. 

· Industrial and urban water supply and drainage

· High-rise building pressurized water

· Garden irrigation

· Long distance water delivery

         ·Bathroom heating and cooling water circulation pressurization and equipment Specification

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