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ZW Non-clog Self priming Sewage Pump

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Product Overview

ZW Non - blocking self priming sewage pump is a combination of two functions of self absorption and non-plugging.

Its stable performance,strong self priming ability,simple installation ,easy to use, convenient maintenance.

It can suck out the dirt containing large particle solid, long fiber, sediment waste mineral impurities, feces and

all engineering sewage without bottom valve.



Working Conditions

· Ambient temperature T≤ 45 ℃,  medium temperature T≤ 60 ℃. 

· medium PH cast iron pump 6-9,  stainless steel 1-14. 

· The maximum diameter of the particle is 60% of the pump diameter, and the fiber length is five times the diameter of the pump. 

· The total weight of impurities in the medium≤the total weight of the medium 15%,  Medium weight≤1240kg/m .


Product Application

· Sewage discharge of residential community         Sewage system of municipal projects

· Sewage system of municipal projects          Sewage system of factories and mine enterprises

       · Sewage discharge of public facilities              Other sewage system

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