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About us

Fearless pump factory.jpg   Fearless(Zhongshan) Co., Ltd, cooperate with two factories, has all along been committed to innovation in technology and management to develop pumps applicable for all industries, like industrial and mining enterprises, urban water supply, sewage treatment, fire control system, heating system, air-conditioning system, spray system,chemical industry, farmland irrigation and drainage, etc. Our products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East and so on.


At present, Fearless is able to produce more than 30 pump series with more than Tens of thousands of specifications. Main products DL, LG, GDL and TSWA high-rise water supply pump series have been approved as recommended products for engineering construction by the Ministry of Construction.


Being people-friendly and treating others sincerely, Fearless has been extending towards relevant fields with the management standard of international quality management system-undertaking enviromental protection project, providing domestic water supply and fire fighting systems, manufacturing high-quality, high-efficiency and energy-saving international products and serving the mankind to build a beautiful home.